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€ 246,-

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1 day

A confined space is not built, nor suited, for humans to enter. Consequently, working in a confined space is often troublesome, arduous and dirty . Dangers like fire, explosions, gas leaks and accidents can be lethal on it self outside confined spaces. Occurring inside a confined space, through the nature of the confined space, the effects of fire, accidents, gas leaks etc. are multiplied. Therefore, working in a confined space is regarded as one (perhaps the) of the most dangerous types of work because of the inherently dangerous workplace. For these reasons the use of a Confined space safety guard or safety guard is mandatory. This training course teaches you to fulfil this duty.

Content of the training course

The participant learns:

Target group

Everyone who works in a confined space and/or performs the task of safety guard.


The participants must be in possession of a valid VCA certificate.

The wearing of safety shoes (minimal category 3), a safety helmet and safety goggles is mandatory during the practical examination.

Minimum age is 18.

Duration of the training course

1 day


The examination consists of a theoretical test (in writing, multiple choice ) and a practical test.


The participant receives a certificate after successfull  completion of the examination.

Validation certificate

The certificate is 3 years valid.

The costs of
this course

 € 246,00 this is including course book, lunch, exam and certificate.

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Available days

View the available days for a manhole guard training below.

The training takes place at our own teaching location, but can also be given in-company. (price on request).

The course day starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m.

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