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safe operating a forklift


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This training course trains those people who will operate or will operate a forklift. Whether this is done fulltime or occasionally (i.e. loading and unloading a lorry): The safe operating of the machine and the consciousness of risks and dangers play an ever-growing part in company operations. The number of accidents as well as the number of serious injuries is relatively high. Corporate management, certification companies, insurance companies as well as customers demand more often than not that the operator of a forklift possesses verifiable skills and knowledge. This training course provides exactly that.

content of the training course

The participant learns:

Target group

Everybody who operates or will operate a forklift.

This training course can be given under the Dutch Code 95 (lorry drivers’s license)


The participants must have a valid VCA certificate.

Wearing safety shoes and a safety helmet is mandatory during the practical part of the training course.

Minimum age is 16.

Duration of the training course

The Forklift course is 1 day


The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical test examined by the instructor.


The participant receives a certificate after successfull  completion of the examination.

Validation certificate

The certificate is 5 years valid.

The costs of
this course

The costs for the course are on your request.

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Available days

View the available days for forklift training below.

The training course is inhouse or can be on your location provided that there is a forklift available.

The training course starts at 08.30 uur and is terminated at 17.00 hours.

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