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The training course gas detection ex-ox-tox trains gasmetrics. A gasmetric is capable to perform clearance gas detection in relation to work in confined spaces. As a result of the outcome of the gas detection determines whether people can enter the confined space and under which conditions. Apart from this, the gasmetric can also be used to detect leakages.

All this means that the work of the gasmetric can be of life or death relevance. Interpreting in a professional manner of the gas detection results and, when necessary, apply a correction factor to it, are of the utmost importance to reach a reliable gas detection registration.

Beside that mentioned, knowledge of the gas detection equipment, their differences and their individual limitations is of the highest importance! For instance, a LEL gas detector (detecting fire- and explosion hazard) is blind for natural gas and detects this (very common) gas not!

A reliable gas detection helps others to make safe and reliable decisions!

Therefore, the gasmetric must have a reliable and thorough training. Van Wees Training provides this.

Content of the training course

The participant learns:

Target group

Those responsible for performing gas detection in relation to confined spaces, gas detection in order to verify the gas detection results of third parties and finding leaks.


The participants must have a valid VCA certificate.

Being able to see colours is mandatory. People who are colourblind cannot participate in this training course ( because of reading the discolouration of gas detection tubes).

Minimum age is 18.

Duration of the training course

1 day


The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical test examined by the instructor.


The participant receives a certificate after successfull completion of the examination.

Validation certificate

The certificate is 3 years valid.

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De kosten van
deze cursus

€ 390,00 this is including course book, lunch and certificate.

The training course is inhouse or can be on your location.

The training course starts at 08.00 and is terminated at 16.00 hours.

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Need help? We are happy to help you by phone or e-mail!

Available days

View the available days for a basic gas measuring training below.

The training takes place at our own teaching location or can be given in-company.

The course day starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m.

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